It was a weekend of team spirit, fun, licensed meet experience, PBs, and county times – the Satellite Spring Meet, held over this weekend and had something for everyone, from novice swimmers to competitive swimmers.  

 Most importantly, we celebrated a special birthday together, for one of our members!!

“It’s great to see more and more of our swimmers coming to licensed meets and getting official Swim England times, which allows swimmers to see where they rank in Cheshire. In fact 20 of our swimmers, compared with only 6 last year, took part in this year’s gala (and came to celebrate my birthday!)” said the birthday girl.

Personal Bests (PB’s)

Almost every swimmer got a PB in at least 1 of their races, with Finlay Ibeziako, Theo Ibeziako,  Isabelle Finch, Ellie Finch, Martha Shaw, Marcus Murphy, Amy Hueting and Henry Gouge getting PB’s in all races they entered. 

Satellites Spring Meet Day 1

Top 3 places went to Thomas Alexander in 100m breaststroke (3rd in age group 11 yrs), Heidi Stansfield in the 100m Fly (2nd in age group 13yrs), Ethan Marshall in 50m free (1st in age group 14 yrs) and Ella Faulkner in age group 10 yrs came 2nd in the 50m breast, 50 free and 100 breast.

Satellites Spring Meet Day 2

The Birthday Girl

The highlight of the day was Sue Alexanders' Birthday celebrations.  Sue is a real asset to the club, putting in lots of volunteering hours to make sure the club runs smoothly.  She is one of the major cogs in the Scorpion Machine.  I hope you all join us in wishing Sue “a happy 50th".

Top 3 places went to Marcus Murphy in the 100m IM (1st in age group 11 yrs) and 200m breast (3rd in age group 11 yrs); Heidi Stansfield 2nd in the 100m IM and 3rd in the 200m breast (in age group 13 yrs);  Ella Faulkner came 1st in the 50m fly, 2nd in the 100m IM and 2nd in the 200m breast (in age group 10 yrs); James Dale came 2nd in the 50m back (in age group 13 yrs); and Phoebe Davidson came 3rd in the 100m IM (in age group 13 yrs).   

Close Contenders

There were a number of close contenders for county qualifying times for next year’s county championships: Marcus Murphy, Thomas Alexander and Martha Sargent in the 50m breast; Heidi Stansfield in the 100m breast and 100m Fly; Theo Ibeziako, Heidi Stansfield, Phoebe Davidson and Katherine Alexander for the 50m free, with Theo achieving a sub 30 second 50m free which is close to a Regional qualifying time for this year; Theo for the 50m back and Ethan Marshall for the 100m back; Thomas Alexander, Heidi Stansfield, Theo Ibeziako and Phoebe Davidson for the 50m Fly; Heidi Stansfield, Theo Ibeziako and Ethan Marshall for the 100m Free; and Heidi Stansfield and Katherine Alexander for the 100m Medley. James Dale is within a gnats whisker of getting a regional time in the 50m backstroke.

It is still early in the season to get a golden ticket to next years county championships. We have lots of opportunities for swimmers to try get county qualifying times, by entering one of the galas we support.

Best Overall Winners

Heidi Stansfield won the best overall 13 year old girl, winning a cash prize of £25. During the weekend Heidi Stansfield improved on her regional time in the 50m breaststroke.

Ella Faulkner came 3rd overall in the 10 year old girls. 


Entering a licensed meet means your times are recorded by Swim England and you are given a ranking within Cheshire County, the North West Region or Nationally.  A number of swimmers in the club are ranked in Cheshire between number 1 and number 30 in various strokes. You can check where your swimmer is ranked, in the last 12 months, here.

Ranked Number 1

We are pleased to announce that as of Monday, Freddie Mulcock is now ranked number 1 in Cheshire and number 2 in the Northwest for his 800m freestyle swim, in age group 10 year olds, achieved at the quad club champs.  An amazing achievement!  Well done Freddie.  

 Freddie is looking forward to the 1500m freestyle event as part of the quad club champs.

Read more about the quad club champs and find out how to enter the races here.

Gala Support

Wilmslow Scorpions support a number of galas and provide paid coaches to ensure your swimmer is made to feel welcome as well as providing support and feedback to swimmers after each race.   We provide a fun environment where swimmers support and encourage each other to reach their full potential during the events.  It is not unheard of swimmers smashing PB’s by 5-10 seconds due to being in the gala environment (although, please note that this is not a guarantee!!!).

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