The Benefits of Swimming Caps

Swimming caps are inevitably found in almost every swimmer's swimming equipment bag. Recreational and competitive swimmers will often use swim caps for training and racing. While this simple piece of equipment is not required to swim, it can help you feel more comfortable in the water and also more confident about your swimming.


Swimmers, especially competitive swimmers, will constantly attempt to become a more efficient athlete, and one way they can do this is by limiting drag on their body. Swim equipment and apparel is engineered to reduce drag on the body. Wearing a proper fitting swim cap can help limit the drag that is caused by your hair.


Swimming goggles, which are another key piece of swimming equipment, can work together with your swim cap. Your swim cap will protect your hair from being pulled on by your goggle straps while you move through the water. Additionally, the swim cap will help hold your goggle straps in place on your head. Find a cap that fits comfortably and goggles that remain in place while you swim.

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