members portal

The members portal gives you access to much more information about your swimmers progress and additional club information.  Access to the members portal is available when you have completed all your joining requirements.  See the "Getting Started" page under 'New members Information'.

Information includes:

 Swim Time Information

You will have access to gala and time trials times.  You will also be able to print of your swimmers personal best times.

Full Membership Records

You will have access to information on swimming groups, swimming sessions, and attendance records.  You will also be able to review all consent forms.  You will be able to track any club awards won by your swimmer.

 Club Information

You will have access to all the gala results, club policies and governance information such as AGM documents.  You will be able to access additional club communications.

 Payment history

You will be able to review fees applied to your account such as SE fees, Gala entry fees and Swim Shop purchases.

Having Trouble Logging On?

Please see the attached Spot light on…SLO 04 Accessing swim times on the website.  The PDF gives instructions on how to access the Members Portal and view all your swimmers swim times in Swim Club Manager (SCM).  Swim times are usually taken at club events, external galas and time trials.

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