Cheshire County Championships

Beside League Galas where swimmers compete as teams there are a number of competitions throughout the year where swimmers swim as individuals in their desired stroke(s). There is a national programme of competitions promoted by Swim England and British Swimming whereby swimmers may compete at local County level, Regional level and National level, subject to meeting the qualifying entry times and conditions.

For Cheshire, the county competition is called The Swimming and Age Group Championships (known as ‘the Championships’), and is organised by The Cheshire County Water Polo and Swimming Association (known as ‘the County’ or ‘Cheshire County W.P. & S.A.’).  The competition is known colloquially as “Counties”.

The Counties are the first step in this national program and achieving qualifying times is a great achievement for swimmers.

The Cheshire County Championships is one of the key competitions in the Cheshire swimming calendar. The Championships are run over three weekends in January and February; dates vary depending on British Swimming Counties Window. Club training is geared to developing swimmers in preparation for these Championships and all eligible swimmers (based on qualifying times) are allowed and encouraged to enter. That said, we have a number of swimmers who qualify for the counties, but only swim for fun and fitness, and have not followed this pathway.


The Cheshire County Championships are open to all Cheshire swimmers who are a member of a Cheshire County W.P. & S.A. affiliated Club and that they meet the relevant qualifying time criteria for the event being entered. Consideration times and programme can be found here: Cheshire County Consideration Times and Programme 2021.

Event Dates

18th, 19th, 25th, 26th  January 2020, 1st, 2nd February 2020


Consideration times applied to individual events. Consideration times for entrants must have been achieved at a Licensed Meet between 2nd January 2019 and the competition entry closing date. 


Macclesfield Leisure Centre

Entry Closing Date

10 days before the event

Event Prices

£5.25 per race


10 and over as of 31st December 2020