The Satellites Sputniks galas are a fantastic and friendly way to introduce novice swimmers to their first competition experience. Sputniks comprise 4 meets each year at Macclesfield Leisure Centre and are targeted at 8-11 year old novice swimmers. We also have fun relay events as well as individual events. The programme spans 2 galas and we repeat the same programme for rounds 3 and 4. Points are awarded for both the position in which a swimmer finishes and for improvements in their times throughout the 4 galas. Spectating is FREE so bring along the family to watch!

Event Date

2nd February 2020


Swimmers must meet the time requirements as set by the Meet Organiser in their individual meet conditions. Swimmers must not be faster than the upper times and should be faster than the lower times (if set by the organiser)


Macclesfield Leisure Centre

Entry Closing Date

10 days before event date

Event Prices

£1.50 + £3.50 per Entry


8, 9, 10, 11 as of the 31st May