Liverpool Splash and Dash

A one day event sprint event run by Liverpool swimming club. Events are all 50m in a 50m pool, and this may be the first time some of our swimmers have been able to compete in this size pool.

Qualifying times, recorded at this event, can be used as entry times into open meets, Cheshire Counties, Regional's.  50m qualifying times take precedence over regional qualifying times achieved in a 25m pool.

Entry Times should be 50m times or converted 25m times. Please use the ASA conversion table to do this. Any swimmer who does not have a time may use a training time which has been confirmed by the clubs coach. If no time is entered or NST is entered then the swimmer will be placed in one of the slowest heats.

Event Dates

Saturday 29th February 2020


Consideration times applied to individual events. Consideration times for entrants must have been achieved at a Licensed Meet between 2nd January 2019 and the competition entry closing date. 


Liverpool Aquatics Centre

Entry Date

10th February 2020

Event Prices

£5 per race


9 and over as of 29th February 2020